Krista grew up in Stratford (aka Keppoch back in those days), PEI. After completing her Master of Science in Audiology at Dalhousie University in 2004, Krista went on to work in a large independent audiology practice in Nova Scotia. Here, she expanded her clinical and diagnostic skills, and discovered her love for removing earwax!

In 2009, she moved on to Toronto to work with one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers as an Audiology Trainer and Account Manager. It was here that she gained a passion for the ever-changing world of hearing aid technology.

In 2012, Krista realized her goal of moving home to PEI and establishing an audiology practice that did more than “sell hearing aids” – she envisioned a clinic where hearing healthcare was the focus, where every patient feels valued and cared for, regardless of the reason for their visit – and Campbell Hearing was born!